Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beauty and Splendor

The beauty spread for you to see
Across the land, sky and sea
Are glimpses of God’s majesty
And creative power that caused all things to be.

Whenever you watch the clouds drift by
Or view the stars in a moonlit sky,
Remember the One who reigns on high,
Hears each prayer and mournful sigh.

As the darkness slowly turns to light
Reveling the wonders within your sight,
As the sunshine touches you, warm and bright,
Be filled with the strength of God’s power and might.

In the splendor of creation when you look around,
In the music of life and each joyful sound,
In the rushing water, blue skies and the ground,
Glimpses of God’s grace are waiting to be found.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Heart Filled With Love

With a heart that overflows
I give thanks, Lord, today
for the many blessings
You have sent my way.

Without You I am nothing.
I can't make it on my own,
and I'm forever grateful
for the love that You have shown.

I thank You for your love
and the gift of your dear Son,
for your boundless grace and mercy
and all that You have done.

To You I give all glory
for all of life's good things
and for the special joy
that loving You brings.

© Connie Arnold 


Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Power of Words

Words have power to hurt or heal.
A cutting remark we unpleasantly feel.
Words may stab deep into the heart,
When spoken by loved ones may tear us apart.

We don’t always realize the harm that is done
By our words, and should carefully choose each one.
Condemnation should not be what others hear,
So why not speak words of kindness and cheer?

It costs nothing more yet can do so much good
To speak helpful words the way that we should.
Life is more pleasant when what is heard
Is a loving, gentle, encouraging word.

© Connie Arnold

Inspirational Poetry of Joy and Peace


Friday, January 17, 2014

A Beacon of Hope

When out on a ship in the stormy sea,
filled with fear and anxiety,
seeking a refuge in the night,
a strong and steady guiding light
to reassure and relieve the fright,
a lighthouse offers security.

As the lighthouse stands on a distant shore,
giving hope where there was none before,
providing a light that is steady and true,
helping the ship come safely through,
a strong fortress to navigate to,
it's a beacon of hope as the waves crash and roar.

When overcome by life's stormy sea,
frightened and filled with uncertainty,
God is a refuge in the night,
a sure, dependable guiding light,
providing a love that is always bright,
a beacon of hope for you and me.

© Connie Arnold


Monday, December 16, 2013

Love and Light

 Love and light, together as one,
revealed to the world through God’s own Son,
came that first Christmas, long ago
beaming from heaven to the earth below.

Love burst forth onto the earth
as a brilliant star marked the spot of Christ’s birth.
The heavens were filled with a radiant light
as angels came to the shepherds that night.

The glory that streamed from heaven above
was a beacon of God’s marvelous love.
As love and light pierced the darkness of earth,
the world changed forever at Jesus’ birth.

The love and light that the Lord displayed
is shimmering still on all He has made.
When we open our hearts to let it in
the beauty of Christ will shine from within.

© Connie Arnold


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blog Tour Conclusion and Prize Winners

How do I begin to thank everyone who has been so important to my blog tour for Peaceful Moments of Love and Light and Count 1,2,3 With Me over the past two weeks? I appreciate so much each of the blog hosts and what you have shared, as well as those who left such lovely comments along the way. Also thank you to the hundreds that I see by my stats visited my blogs. I pray that all who came found something that was meaningful to them, and that this blog will always be a source of blessings to others and bring glory to God.

If you missed part of the tour, you can find the blog schedule on my previous post. I would like to encourage you to visit these blogs and discover the great things they each have to share!

When you are making your Christmas gift list, if you think of someone who would be blessed to have a devotional with short daily meditations to draw them closer to the Lord or a young child to enjoy the fun in learning to count, you can order Peaceful Moments of Love and Light or Count 1,2,3 With Me from my website or Amazon

Congratulations to the winners of the 3 prizes:

     Kim S. - Copy of my first book, Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace

     Robyn C. - Set of 3 candle holders

     Cathy S. - Framed sunset print with inspirational verse

 Remember to always give thanks for all the many blessings of this life, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Remember to offer thanks and praise
for blessings given in so many ways,
to express a heartfelt, grateful prayer
for all God’s goodness, love and care.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Peaceful Moments of Love and Light

I'm pleased to announce that my new 52-week daily devotional, Peaceful Moments of Love and Light, has been released and is available, in soft or hard cover, from RPJ and Company. A two week blog tour begins tomorrow, and I hope you will follow along as other bloggers share reviews, interviews, excerpts and more.


As if that wasn't enough exciting news, there is more! A new children's book is now available to order from 4RV Publishing - Count 1,2,3 With Me.  So this tour is a combination of inspiration and fun! Come along and join the fun. See the schedule below for the tour stops each day.


Both books are also available from my website and Amazon and now is a great time to get a start on your shopping list for inspirational and children's gifts, signed by the author!

Prize winners will be selected at the end of the tour from comments left on each of the blogs. Additional entries may be earned by sharing about the tour and blog links on facebook or twitter, and posting here to let me know. How many prizes? Count with me - 1,2,3! (Prizes are shown below the blog schedule.)

Friday, November 1 - The Surrendered Scribe - Thankful for Visual Worship

Saturday, November 2 - The Surrendered Scribe - Being Thankful

Monday, November 4 - Connie Arnold, Children's Author - video

Tuesday, November 5 - Megan Vance Books and Blooming Conversations - review

Wednesday, November 6 - Heading Home -  Joy and Light

Thursday, November 7 - RPJ and Company blog

Friday, November 8 -  Stuff Could Always Be Worse

Saturday, November 9 -  Connie Arnold, Children's Author - Ginger Nielson, Illustrator

Monday, November 11 -  Musings of a Children's Writer

Tuesday, November 12 -  Cheryl's Christian Book Connection

               Penelope Anne Cole - Review of Count 1,2,3 With Me

Wednesday, November 13 - Susan's Thoughts and Ramblings - review

Thursday, November 14 - S. K. Mayhew, Kid Lit Writer - interview

                Write What Inspires You

Friday, November 15 - The Children's and Teens' Book Connection
               The Book Connection

Saturday, November 16 - Inspirational Poetry of Joy and Peace - Blog conclusion and prize winners announcement


1. Set of 3 candle holders, a source of light to remind you to spend peaceful moments with God, soaking in love and light.

2.  A signed copy of my first book, Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace.

3.  Beautiful print of a sunrise with one of my inspirational verses.